Travel and fashion go hand-in-hand. When you’re exploring new places is usually when you find the best things! Noelle has personally put together some amazing trips. Each one is unique and caters to a small group of women so you’ll never feel like you’re on a "tour." This is a fabulous way to explore a new city, new stores and experience some great things while picking up stylist-approved pieces. Bon voyage and happy shopping!

Have a group of girlfriends who enjoy doing things together? Trips can be reserved for a group of 4-7 women.

Noelle has always had a love for travel and Paris, by far, is her favorite city. Each year she would find herself back in the City of Light, until one day, a client suggested she create her own trip. Noelle combined her favorite shops, restaurants and activities et voilà...Discover Paris was born!

While there is an emphasis on shopping, it is the type of trip all women can enjoy. Noelle leads five women (a big group would be very déclassé and so not French!) to a variety of stores. Every morning there is a short style presentation – how to tie scarves, choosing accessories and so on. You’ll visit Mariage Frères, which is a famous Parisian tea salon that sells some of the best teas in the world, a scarf shop that has gorgeous, unique and reasonably priced scarves, a modern jewelry shop and an umbrella store. One of Noelle’s favorite things to buy in Paris are pattern nylons and tights. She’ll take you to a beautiful shop with a great selection. You’ll also take some time to visit one of Julia Child’s favorite cooking stores and on the way, indulge in a Parisian classic, the macaron.

This trip also includes a chance to go behind the scenes with a presentation on perfume. You’ll learn the history of perfume and at the end, you’ll have time to make your own personalized scent.

There is a free day during the middle of the trip and that evening everyone will meet up for a lovely dinner cruise on the Seine. There is another free evening after the cooking class. You’ll start out that day by taking a guided trip to the market. After the market, the group heads to a private home to make a three-course lunch, complete with some delicious wine. The perfect way to learn some cooking tips from the French!

This trip runs Sunday to Sunday and takes place in May and either September or October.

Quality over quantity. Not something we practice in America, but Noelle will show you how to get quality pieces at a great price. With a stylist by your side, you can’t make a mistake! Prada. Valentino. Alexander McQueen. All the big names are on this trip!

The group will meet in downtown Chicago where a limo will take you to some fabulous stores including, Burberry, Vince, Tory Burch, Gucci and more. After you’ve explored these stores, the trip will continue to Winnetka with a stop at a designer boutique. This stop will also include a French store filled with jewelry, note cards, gifts and more! The perfect finale is dinner at the Barneys New York restaurant, Fred’s, which overlooks the city. A wonderful end to your day of shopping!

This trip only runs the first week in July in order to take advantage of the final season sales. Price includes transportation to and from the stores and dinner. Trip will not run unless five women are booked.

While the French are all about understated glamour, the Italians are over-the-top! The jeans are always tighter, the shoes are super pointy and the clothes have lots of color.

Noelle will be guiding five women to some of her favorite shops but, as always, this is the kind of shopping every woman can enjoy from scarves, to jewelry, bags and shoes. You will get to explore a wonderful jewelry shop in Milan where a mother and daughter team design and make everything from bangles that mimic the skylines of your favorite cities (London, Paris, New York), to lace earrings, pendants and more. The same day, you will also visit another Italian brand that sells fun, waterproof bags. You’ll be sure to get compliments carrying any of their designs! Another stop will include a visit to the Perelli store and the MaxMara outlet, which has wonderful coats, dresses, shoes and unique sweaters.

The trip also includes a stop at the world-famous Duomo, which is in the center of Milan. Food is also an important part of travel so we will go to the place with the best gelato. You will also have the chance to taste several other Milanese classics like risotto and osso buco. Before we leave Milan, we will have dinner on an old, but restored Tram car that will give us a beautiful tour of the city at night.

Relaxing Lake Como is just an hour way and we’ll get there via a private transfer. The hotel is situated right on the lake in Bellagio and every room has a full view of the water. Our time in Lake Como includes a wine tasting, a cooking school and boat tour, with a stop at the infamous Villa del Balbianello. You'll have some time to tour the gardens at this fabulous villa, which makes a great backdrop for some amazing pictures! The cooking school is a lot of fun as our chef is very passionate about his craft. Wine, shopping, and fabulous design, this trip has it all!

This trip runs Sunday to Saturday and takes place in May and either September or October.

New York City is all about creativity and style. As with all of the trips, you'll be staying at a lovely four star boutique hotel in the heart of the city (Midtown). You'll be able to walk to all the major sites and in your free time, you could dine at the hotel's two Michelin starred restaurant (it's fabulous - even just for lunch!).

New York is known for fashion, but if that fashion doesn't sell, it has to go somewhere. We'll have a private transfer to the best US outlet. All the designers you can think of are here: Tom Ford, Valentino, Carolina Herrera, Jimmy Choo and more. Noelle will guide you to her affordable favorites for some good basics and unique pieces. You'll then have some time to shop on your own before we head back to the city.

The trip will also include tea at The Plaza, a food tour of Chelsea Market, and a private beauty event, complete with goodie bags and Champagne, where you'll get to make your own lipstick. And, when you travel with an expert stylist, you know it's gonna be good - how so? This "lip lab" is all natural. Did you know it takes 26 seconds for lipstick to enter your blood stream? Not with your customized lip color! (If you need help, of course Noelle will help you pick the perfect shade.) New York City should be explored in style and this is the way to do it!

This trip runs Wednesday to Sunday.

  • “I tell people all the time I want to be buried naked. I know there will be a store where I’m going.” ~ Nan Kempner

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